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These are our previously available services. They are no longer available to new subscribers. 


Minimum Download Speed - 5 Mbps

Maximum Download Speed - 7.5 Mbps

Monthly Cost - £27.50


Minimum Download Speed - 35 Mbps

Maximum Download Speed - 50 Mbps

Monthly Cost - £50

About our services: 

  1. At exceptionally busy times, our service speeds may fall below our targets

  2. Service may be interrupted or slowed down by bad weather

  3. There is no limit to the amount of data you can download, unless you are behaving in a way which affects other customers, for example by downloading very large amounts of data for lengthy periods. On all service subscriptions we operate a "fair usage" policy. Within this policy your connection can be used in a manner that is compliant with appropriate legislation. Where download volumes are, in our opinion, excessive we reserve the right to restrict such excessive usage in order to preserve the service for other users of the service.

  4. If our costs rise, we may need to put prices up.

  5. You must sign up for a separate service for each habitable building for which you are the responsible member: you are not permitted to use the same service for two houses.

  6. If you are signing up for a connection after 1st August 2018 a Connection Charge will be due to contribute to the costs of equipment and installation at your Premises

  7. If you‘d like to sign up, please read our Contract, which includes our Terms and Conditions, Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy, and then fill in this registration form

  8. If you have a complaint about our services, and we’re not able to deal with your complaint, Ombudsman Services may be able to help. It independently resolves complaints. For more information, visit

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