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Drimnin Community Broadband CIC is a not for profit company with an asset lock which holds any surpluses for community benefit. 


You can read our Articles of Association here and see our latest financial accounts here


We currently have six voluntary Board Members: Clive Edwardes (chair), David Campbell (Company Secretary), Mike Foulis, Rhonda Newsham, Colin Kupris and Annabel Thomas. 

We are a member of WISPA, the UK Wireless Internet Service Providers Association.

And little did we know when founding Drimnin Community Broadband, that more than 100 years before DCB was formed there were some early wireless communication experiments from Morvern across the South of Mull and back again. This experiment was thwarted by a cow! Brilliantly researched and documented by Michael Brambell, if you'd like to read the whole story, you can find it here

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